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Our aim was to cater for coffee lovers in Doha and especially in the area near our branch, through a cozy coffee shop where they can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee

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Introducing is the best way to let customers know about our cafe. Talking about Cafe 42, we opened our first branch in 2017 at Al Emadi Hospital Outpatient Clinics building on D Ring Road.

Like every institution has an aim to begin with, we also had a particular aim, and that was to serve coffee lovers in Doha, near to our branch, through a cozy coffee shop where they could refresh and relax their mood with a cup of coffee.

The customer’s great reviews are the best reward for us and for maintaining that we do not make any type of compromise on quality for our cafe. We assure you that we are maintaining a high level of standards and services for our customers. That is why we are becoming one of the most popular and best cafes in Qatar, Doha.

Our popularity and best cafe in Qatar fame are possible only through the dedication and hard work of our employees. They strive to work hard with perfection to please every customer each day. This is a simple tip that we are keen to implement at Cafe 42.

Every customer who visits Cafe 42 will immediately notice the beautiful and elegant interior design. Our interior theme is to provide visitors with a comfortable and warm atmosphere where they can forget the tensions and stress of their daily life while enjoying a sip of coffee.

As we have said about maintaining our quality, we assure you that we will only keep fresh, high end ingredients and prepare our products according to the highest international standards.

To maintain the high international standards, we have highly trained and proficient chefs, baristas, and staff to supervise the quality of coffee and other items that we serve in our cafe. So we can say that by keeping all these procedures, we are now well known as the best cafe in Qatar, Doha.

Specialty Coffee in Qatar, Doha
Theme and Interior
Our theme and interior aim to provide visitors with a cozy relaxed atmosphere where they can briefly forget everyday’s hassle and enjoy their cup of coffee.
Specialty Coffee in Qatar, Doha
We are keen to use only fresh, high end ingredients and prepare our products only according to the highest international standards, through our highly trained and experienced chefs, baristas and staff.



The coffee was great, as was the atmosphere and the staff. The artwork and scenery were beautiful! I'm telling everyone I know!

Marie Johnston

The first coffee shop that I visited during my stay and I kept going back. The staff was so welcoming and the prices for coffee are amazing. There is Wifi and lovely seating. It is a great coffee shop to meet new people in, as well it is very central in Doha.

Mubarak Nasser

We dropped by to have a cappuccino and honestly, after 10 days in Doha we did not have high expectations. BUT WOW! If this cappuccino was served in Rome, I would be just as satisfied! Great place which perfectly normal prices, I can absolutely recommend!

Howard Lukman
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